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FERRANT PHE is one of the few natural essential oil of leek distillers in France and in Europe.
All our natural esential oils make the difference through their flavour and aroma, smell, rarity and originality.
FERRANT PHE sarl is a french family-run farm whose whole production chain is kosher certified.
The company is based in the north of France, 8 miles from the Channel Tunnel and 120 mi north of Paris.The most famous European flavor  industries appreciate the high aromatic molecules and the quality content of our essential oils.We’re at your service for any further information. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples.
 Raw material is locally produced (within 60 miles  from the family farm)

  • Either in the family fields
  • Or with local subcontractors

This unbeatable proximity enables the perfect control of quality from  sowing  to manufacturing. Therefore, the traceability of our oils is easier.

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